According to the basic premise of the 4.0 industry ideology, SMARTTECH3D Robotized enables digitization and optimization of processes in the enterprise and at the same time provides effective tools for communication between different groups of users, such as e.g. engineers, management, or sub-suppliers.
Thanks to the elimination of the human factor, the achieved measurements are repeatable and of the highest quality.
Best quality data thanks to the new technology
SMARTTECH3D Robotized is integrated ecosystem for automatization of the quality control and reverse engineering processes. The device incorporates advantages of robotic arm and a high-resolution scanning head with a 20MP detector for full implementation of the designed measurement process. The system will not only enable the user 3D models’ creation automatization but also independently prepare an examination report in PDF format and display a map of deviations from the CAD model directly on to the measured object. This functionality is a universal solution for industrial, as well as archaeological and research applications.
Scanning head with KUKA robotic arm
SMARTTECH3D Robotized is available in three models with different working volumes. Each of the models is equipped with a light scanning head with a stereoscopic system of 20 MP resolution cameras, a KUKA robotic arm, workstations, rotary stage, and advanced SMARTTECH3dmeasure software with a robotic module.
Automatic calibration process
The entire SMARTTECH3D ROBOTIZED system is designed for maximal automatization of all processes and minimizing the risk of human errors. Automation of the calibration process gives the user a guarantee of achieving the measurement accuracy declared by the manufacturer, regardless of the operator’s experience, which increases the reliability of the entire system and allows easy integration with the quality systems in the enterprise.

The measuring station is managed by the software SMARTTECH3D measure installed on an efficient workstation. This dedicated software controls the entire measurement process, starting from control of operating system parameters, up to saving finished 3D model or ready quality report in PDF file.
Additionally application allows conducting a number of processes, including the transformation of the point cloud to the advanced edition of created models and reports. Moreover, the software has an additional automatic quality control module. Its result may be a color point cloud with pass / fail annotations at a specific point and an automatically generated report in PDF format. Easy to use interface enables user to create measurement plans and result edition path depending on the specific needs. Thanks to this the system can be used both for reverse engineering and quality control thus reducing need of puchase of two independent devices and additional costs.

Robotized station for 3D measurements

Each SMARTTECH3D Robotized set includes:
  • scanning head with a stereoscopic camera system with a resolution of 20 Mpix
  • Kuka robotic arm
  • rotary table
  • workstation with a control panel
  • monitor
  • integrated system for calibrating the measuring head
  • SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software

The system allows us to eliminate the human factor from the measurement process.
Thanks to this we are able to obtain the highest quality data with every measurement.

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