The support seat is the bearing fixed seat connecting the screw rod and the motor. It is the shaft end product of the standard ball screw. Support units are composed of a bearing housing,bearing,holding lid,seal,lock nut and set screws.The support unit can be used on Fixed and supported ends for the ball screw,which mounts the ball screw in the desired position. Limon offers various ball screw support units to satisfy the mounting or loading requirements of any application.The support unit can be used in the fixed end and the support end of the ball screw respectively to fix the screw in the correct position. It is compact in size, easy to install, and can be installed in a narrow space. Because the bearing already contains proper grease and is adjusted to the proper condition, it can be assembled to the equipment immediately without additional adjustment and processing, so as to reduce the assembly time and improve the accuracy and stability of assembly.

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The standard support unit is suitable for general automation and industrial machinery. Its main features are small volume and easy assembly. The standard support units EK and EF are prepared. The standard support units BK and BF are prepared for the general ball screw.
Limon's various support units have high rigidity and good precision, which can be widely used in the rotating parts of industrial automatic control, tool machine, inspection and medical equipment.
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