Features of Logistics Traction (Submerged) AGV

  • Submerged Traction AGV has a very low body and can dive into the bottom of the material trolley, which greatly saves space during logistics and distribution;
  • The rear-mounted traction AGV has high flexibility and interchangeability, and can match various types of material trolleys, with excellent ergonomic engineering;
  • The logistics traction (dive into) AGV can be used for multiple logistics distribution;
  • The towing load can be customized from 500Kg-20000Kg; the running direction is forward, (backward), and turning;
  • The navigation method can be equipped with high-precision magnetic navigation, inertial navigation, laser navigation, etc.;
  • Control mode PLC, wireless communication, automatic online charging;

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Traction AGV1

Traction AGV2

Traction AGV3

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