Linear Module
Our linear modules are divided into belt driven type and ball screw driven type, we provide both close and open type for different working environment.
For our basic type, the repositioning accuracy of ball screw driven actuator is ±0.01mm mm, maximum speed, a meter per second. For belt driven actuator, precision is ±0.05mm mm and maximum speed 5 meters per second. The design includes belt support, so it can provide long meters solutions, we have many successful applications, the maximum one reached 12 meters.
What’s more, the motor positions of our module are freely select-able and convertible. Strong inside structure with optimized cover profile. Special design for both space and cost saving. Multi-axis solution is also available, including necessary connecting parts, motor drive, reducer, drag chain belt, etc.
LIMON always concentrate on enriching the value of our products for our customers, we have the ability to design and also can provide customized solutions. Our engineering team is rich experienced, we have the ability to design and also customized solutions. We are committed to supply more efficient and satisfied cases to the clients. Before sales, by using LIMON calculate system and considering the risk analysis, our engineers will choose the most safe, and cost-effective type for our customers.
We have been working with our Taiwan engineers since 2012. Both ball screw driven type and belt driven type are designed to be very flexible with multiple components ability, it is easy to assemble.

Stronger, faster, and able to support more weight than competing choices, LIMON’s extremely efficient electric cylinder type linear actuators were conceived to save space, save energy, save time, and save labor costs.
Belt Driven
Ball Screw Driven
Linear Motor Driven
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