Features of Chassis (Battery) Combined Lifting AGV

  • Combined lifting AGV is applied to the vehicle chassis (front and rear suspension assemblies) or the combination of high-voltage battery and body-in-white;
  • The mobile layout is flexible and flexible, replacing the traditional chassis lifting conveyor line;
  • The lifting platform has flexible arrangement, adjustable lifting height, and is suitable for mixed production of different wheelbases and multiple models;
  • Body size: L2000*W1200*H700mm (can be customized according to actual needs)
  • Customized load capacity 500Kg-2000Kg; running direction forward, backward, turn, traverse;
  • Multiple safety protection and detection devices to ensure assembly accuracy and safe operation;
  • The navigation method can be equipped with high-precision magnetic navigation, inertial navigation, laser navigation, etc.;
  • Control mode PLC, wireless communication, automatic online charging;

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Double lift AGV

Single lift AGV

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