Depalletizing and Palletizing
Intelligent depalletizing and palletizing solutions are widely used in manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment applications. Backed by 3D vision, deep learning, and other AI algorithms, the robots can automatically execute palletizing and depalletizing while maintaining excellent stability and fast processing speed
Core Advantages
High Cost-Effectiveness

The price is only half to one-third of the same type of typical products.

Robust Recognition

Recognize densely stacked shiny, polished, reflective parts with ease.

Intelligent Path Planning

The built-in path planning algorithm guarantees the movement of robots is precise and collision-free.

Plug and Play, Easy to Use

A visualized interface can simulate the robots' movement with only one click.
The code-free programming enables a low threshold for operators to deploy.

Support Various Pallet Patterns

With an extra-wide view, it can well handle all common pallet patterns (such as the dimension of 1.2*1.2*1.8m).

Automated Palletizing

Vision-guided robots can palletize automatically according to the sizes and weights of cases. It also supports mixed-case palletizing of objects.

Accuracy1 mm @ 3 m, 3 mm @ 3 m
Distance1500mm - 3500mm
SpeedUp to 900 cartons/hour.

Support closely packed cases or sacks;

Support angled cases or cartons;

Support objects with patterns, tapes, and express bills.

Robots BrandsCan be adapted to various mainstream robot brands, such as ABB, KUKA, YASKAWA, Kawasaki, Rokae, Peitian, Techman, Estun, etc.

Personalized solution;

Staff training;

Fixture design.


Vision-Guided Mixed Case Depalletizing

- Support cases with textures, tapes, barcodes, etc.

- Support random pallet patterns;

- Accurate recognition for tightly-packed or randomly-placed cases.


Vision-Guided Mixed Case Palletizing

- Support cases of random sizes;

- Can ensure stable pallet patterns and make full use of the pallet space;

- Complete code-free visual debugging and deployment environment.

Camera Introduction

Point Cloud
Tightly-Packed Cartons with Patterns and Tapes
Tightly-Packed Sacks with Patterns
Randomly-Piled Express Parcels
Randomly-Piled Express Parcels
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