RSB - Remote Service Box

This new remote maintenance solution provides primarily a quick help during setup of new tube batches and new types of tubes. It also provides valuable support for troubleshooting. By this, the decisive advantage is the time factor.

The Remote Service Box RSB will be delivered with all relevant interfaces: Wireless, LAN or WLAN. An extensive connection of the SND40 via additional computers is avoided with the Remote Service Box. During commissioning, the box is preconfigured and adjusted to local conditions. After that it is ready and can be used when needed. Of course, the box can be deactivated via a key switch to prevent uncontrolled use.

  Datasheet RSB


This product is used together with the Weld Seam Detection System SND40.


  • Quick help during setup of new tube batches
  • Valuable support for troubleshooting Internet connection via
    - LAN
    - WAN
    - Mobile (in preparation)
  • Activation only when needed by key switch
  • Secure connection via VPN
  • Factory-preconfigured for accessing SND40

Technical Data

Application:Entire range of applications within SND40
Ambient temperature:0°C - 50°C (32°F - 122°F) during operation
Dimensions:302 mm x 220 mm x 90 mm (L x W x H)
VPN-Mode:Open VPN 2.0
VPN Security: Session authentication via SSL / TLS
Special features:RSM-W
WAN Connection: Ethernet or
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Encryption: WPA2,WPA,WEP

RSM-M (in preparation)
WAN-Connection: Ethernet or
Wifi 3 G - Mobile
Frequencies: GSM,GPRS,EDGE Quad band, HSPA + UMTS, Penta band
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