Test devices for bars and rails (structure test)

This test device is designed for the structure test on linear guidance rails and similar parts for correct hardness and missed annealing.

This device is installed between the conveyor belt of the hardening plant and the sorting table. A stand which is fixed on the floor carries a fixture for the test coil, an encoder and two proximity switches. This fixture is adjustable in the vertical and horizontal direction for handling different part types and has a height adjustment for compensation of straightness variations of test parts up to 30mm.

The transport of the test parts, with constant speed through the test coil is guaranteed by an on-site available transport belt (e.g. of the hardening plant). A proximity switch detects the passing test part and triggers the test loop after a pre-set time. The structure is tested at numerous locations along the length of the test part. A rail with a length of 6m, for example, and a solution of every 25mm results in approx. 224 measurements along the test part. Afterwards both the good and bad parts leave the test device and reach a continuing transport belt to a succeeding sorting device.

A driver wheel touches the string of parts and operates an incremental sensor (encoder). This encoder operates a shift register of the system PLC to shift through the part information in sync with the parts position. This ensures in-time and precise sorting information committal to the machines sorting drive when the corresponding part reaches the sorting wheel.

A PC workplace is optionally available for control of testing and for storing the test data. For this, the data of the test instrument is transferred via Ethernet, processed and administrated by a database by means of additional data entered like part type or production batch. The results of the running test and the archived test data can be displayed by a visualisation software.

test device for the structure test on bars and rails
test device for the structure test on bars an rails (top view)
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