Battery sensor WF14

  Datasheet Battery sensor


Dual layer detection sensors for Li-Ion-Electrodes and thin non magnetic foils on the base of an eddy current sensor. This sensor performs a dual layer detection and is characterized by a very fast response time (less than 20 ms). We recommend to combine the sensors with the Universal Detector System XA100 which comes with a LCD-display, a keyboard and binary outputs. This makes integration into your PLC very easy.


  • Product of conductivity and thickness: 300-3000 / Ohm
  • Eddy current measurement principle
  • For mounting in "Schmalz Battery Gripper SBG" (WF14x15AQ153S)
  • Very fast response time - less than 20 ms
  • Analog output for connection to PLC

Technical Data

Technology:Eddy Current
Sensor variants:For Li-Ion electrodes or solar cells, mono / multi crystalline, 100 ... 300 µm
Sensor principle:Sinle side, contacting
Air gap:1 mm
Reaction time:28 ms
Output:0 ... 10 V / 4 ... 20 mA
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