Fast 3D topography

The chromatic confocal line sensor offers an incredibly fast 3D measurement of 384.000 points per second for a very wide range of applications.



The chromatic confocal line sensor TRIMOS CCML1 offers an incredibly fast 3D measurement of 384.000 points per second with nanometric scale resolution.

A robust and compact design, as well as outstanding dynamic range and an excellent signal to noise ratio, make the TRIMOS CCML1 the best measuring tool for all materials – including polished and highly tilted surfaces. With its unrivaled performance/price ratio, TRIMOS CCML1 is the best choice for ultrafast 3D inspection

CCM-L1 0.2 mm
CCM-L1 1 mmCCM-L1 4 mm
Measuring range200 µm0.95 mm3.9 mm
Line length0.96 mm ± 0.01 mm1.91 mm ± 0.01 mm4.78 mm ± 0.02 mm
Lateral pitch (Y)5 µm10 µm25 µm
Working distance1)5.3 mm ± 0.2 mm18.5 mm ± 0.2 mm41 mm ± 0.2 mm
Spot diameter2 µm4 µm10 µm
Lateral resolution1 µm2 µm5 µm
Axial resolution (Z)20 nm80 nm320 nm
Accuracy 2)± 80 nm± 300 nm± 1.2 µm 
Numerical aperture0.70.550.33
Measurement angle to surface3)90°+/-44°90°+/-33° 90°+/-20°
Thickness measuring range4)20 μm - 280 μm75 μm - 1.35 mm 300 μm - 5.5 mm
Dimension length diameter70.4 mm / 37 mm93.3 mm / 54 mm120 mm / 58 mm

1) bottom of optical probe to middle of measuring range
2) measurement on perpendicular mirror at 20°C
3) decreasing accuracy on the limits
4) refractive index n = 1.5

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