Test device for cylindrical rollers (cracks, grinder burn, structure)

The test device is designed for cylindrical rollers with a diameter range of 5-25mm and parts length of 5-70mm. The test speed can be up to 8m/min. The mechanics includes the rotating head with crack detection probes, the structure test coils, a unit for end face contact detection as well as a gate for discharging the undefined resp. untested parts which are within the system when it is started or in case of malfunction.

The compact mechanics suits manufacturers of cylindrical rollers or similar parts who want to integrate a proven and long-life solution for the eddy current test of shell surface in their lines to detect cracks, grinder burn and structure mutations. Typical places are between a grinding and super-finishing machine or end-of-line behind a super-finishing machine.

An on-site horizontal prism conveyor supplies the cylindrical rollers in a row to the test mechanics. The parts pass the structure test coil and afterwards the rotating head eddyscanH25. The light barrier behind the rotating head determines the end face contact position. Together with the encoder in front of the rotating head the exact position of the part is tracked by the on-site control. Thus the accurate allocation of test result to test parts leaving the test mechanics is possible. The control transfers the good/bad signal to the successive on-site part of the system where sorting of parts takes place.

The test device is not a standalone machine as per machine guideline. Additionally required are (supplied by customer or as option by ibg): PLC, ejector sorting of parts, height-adjustable assembly platform for the test mechanic. Equipped with all that the crack and structure test system needs for cylindrical rollers to work automatically and does not require any action during the process by the operator.

Testing larger cylindrical rollers – optionally with crack and grinder burn detection on the end faces – is not a problem at all, we are pleased to offer automatic test systems manufactured on the ibg-shopfloor.

Front view, part flow from left to right
Top view of the test device
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