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  Datasheet Eagle Eye AA

The Eagle Eye AA is capable to detect especially structural material boundaries in metals. These might be for example air gaps between butt joins or stacked sheets. Even metallic transitions with different types of metals are detected reliably.

In the detection of ferromagnetic materials the sensor indicates a very significant signal which is affected only by the number of material bounderies. Applications solvable only with complex systems become so far possible with this sensor type.

The analog sensor signal output can be processed rapidly with a performant PLC. The universal control unit XA100-S may be used for a simple and quick integration in an existing system. The control unit provides switching signals for  norm-, under- and over size limits.


  • Double Sheet Detection, butt joint detection and wire detection
  • For all metals
  • Contact free and independent from optical properties
  • Applicable for start and stop operation
  • For connection to the PLC
  • Cost effective control unit XA100-S
  • Available in different sizes and designed for different fields of applications
  • Analog output 4…20 mA or 2...10 V

Device Variations

  • AA90x60-453F2S: Sensor for sheet thicknesses from 0.2 ... 4 mm, at a distance X of 3 mm
  • AA90x60-902F8S: Sensor for sheet thicknesses from 0.4 ... 8 mm, at a distance X of 7 mm
  • AA150x100-902F8S: Sensor for sheet thicknesses from 0.4 ... 8 mm, at a distance X of 15 mm


Technology:Eddy Current
Meas. range:

Steel magn. [FE]0.2 ... 4 mm0.4 ... 8 mm
Aluminum [NF]0.2 ... 4 mm0.4 ... 8 mm
Stainl. steel aust Aust.[NF]0.2 ... 4 mm0.4 ... 8 mm
Air gape:3 mm15 mm
Particularity:Sensor with 20 mA analog outputSensor with 20 mA analog output
Meas. time:< 20 ms< 20 ms

Technical Data

Applications:Universal inductive sensor principle for the detection of layers, butt joints and edges in metallic semi-finished products
Material + Thickness:For all metals from 0.2 ... 8 mm thickness, depending on sensor and material
Meas. method:Single probe Double Sheet Detection, Butt Joint Detection and Wire Detection
Function principle:Inductive sensor principle
Distance to the sheet:0.5 ... 15 mm  (0.118 ... 0.590 in)
Analog output:4 ... 20 mA or 2 ... 10 V
Sensor weight:250g or 500g, depending on sensor
NoteInformation on other sensors are documented in the manual.
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