Datasheet ECT40


The ECT40 serves the fault inspection of metallic semiproducts such as tubes, coils, wires, cables and bars. It has been specifically developed for the use in the quality control area.

DIN EN ISO 15548-1 was considered as standard in the conception of the system.

Focussed applications of the system are inspection of surface, volume or subareas like weld seam, using one or more sensor coils.


  • Absolute and differential channel
  • Frequencies: 1 kHz - 2 MHz
  • Real-time communication for precise measurement with the Host-PC via Ethernet
  • I/O interface for automation
  • Host-PC for visualization and operation of the measurement channels


  • Encircling coil sensor with fixed diameter: 5 / 13 / 20 / 40 / 60 mm diameter
  • Encircling coil sensor with exchange coil: 1...15 mm in steps of 1 mm / 16...90 mm in steps of 2 mm / Option: Premagnetization
  • Segment coils: In preparation
  • Sensor probes: Track width: 1.6 ... 16 mm

Technical Data

Technology:Eddy Current
Frequency range:1 ... 2000 kHz stepless
Meas. channels:2 diff. or 1 diff. + 1 absolute
Operating unit:Integrated PC 21” or external PC
Encoder input:Yes
Product velocity:0.6 ... 600 m/min
Fault classification:Yes
Quality protocolling:Yes, acc to SEP 1925/1927, EN 10246-2/-3
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