eddyguard C

The entry into the eddy current crack detection.

Digital eddy current test instrument for one channel nondestructive testing of metal components, including mass produced parts and semi-finished products for cracks, pores and grinder burn according to the Preventive Multi-Filter Technology (PMFT).





  Catalogue Eddyguard C


Description of product

The eddyguard digital C distinguishes itself with compact design and concentration on one channel crack and grinder burn detection with one probe and combines that with the well known ibg test reliability and ease of operation. Configuration is effected by means of a PC or a laptop supplied by customer via the USB-port. The ergonomic interface of the PC-software facilitates intuitive and simple operation. After configuration is finished the eddyguard may be disconnected from the PC/laptop. The eddyguard continues testing self-sufficiently.

Digital processing of the measuring signal with unique processors, immediately after the pre-amplifier guarantees the greatest possible stability of test results.

The eddyguard is based on the ibg system concept proven for decades. All probes and rotating heads of the ibg system family can be used. The eddyguard is therefore recommended not only for the solution of new tasks but also as an upgrade for existing production machines to be equipped with state-of-the-art eddy current technology.

Up to now, competitive instruments require sophisticated and time-consuming manual determination and setting of suitable filter band, phase angle and gain. We replace that by the ibg exclusive development of Preventive Multi-Filter Technology (PMFT) with automatic tolerance zone creation. This quantum leap in the eddy current technology, unique to ibg worldwide, establishes a new standard for quality in crack and grinder burn detection.

During material data recording (calibration) with a PC/laptop with PMFT, surface areas of several good parts are scanned, and the good surface eddy current “noise” is recorded simultaneously in each of 30 band pass filters. Tolerance zones, enveloping 360 degrees, are automatically created within each filter band, capturing the allowable eddy current “noise” from good parts. The eddy current signals of good parts are the result of surface roughness and material properties. Thus, the thirty tolerance zones store the part specific fingerprint of the good parts. Additionally, edge effect, hardness profile run out, eccentricity, etc. of the good parts are calibrated during material data recording. Pseudo rejects are, therefore, reduced considerably without losing visibility to real flaws. Real flaws are now automatically detected no matter their frequency content or phase angle content. Even unexpected flaws that can be detected by eddy current are reliably detected.

This unique “good-part-only-concept” enables setup within a few minutes. Simply record an adequate number of good parts with a connected PC/laptop. One keypress switches to Preventive Multi-Filter Test and testing can start. That‘s all!

Technical Data

IO-portsoptically insulated interface for PLC connection with 32 inputs and 32 outputs
USB 2.0for connection of a PC/laptop supplied by customer

completely sealed and thus can be used in a dusty production environment for installation on top hat rail TH35 as per DIN EN 60715

Designed to be integrated: an eddyguard C in a typical assembly inside a cabinet

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