eddyvisor C

The new standard of eddy current crack and grinder burn detecion for production and laboratory.

Digital eddy current test instrument for nondestructive testing of components, mass produced parts and semi-finished products for cracks, pores and grinder burn using Preventive Multi-Filter Technology and for material properties such as hardness, case depth, structure, tensile strength, heat treatment or alloy using Preventive Multi-Frequency Technology.

High power modular instrument concept with max. 16 independent crack detection channels, max. 32 structure test channels and their combinations.


  Catalogue Eddyvisor


Description of product

The eddyvisor distinguishes itself with its high performance modular concept with max. 16 independently working crack detection channels and max. 32 structure test channels all in a very compact design. Additionally, it offers unique features for the realization of sophisticated test tasks using the eddy current technique, combined with the well known ibg test reliability and ease of operation.

The ergonomic interface enables easy and simple operation via touch screen. All functions and test results are captured at a glance. Digital processing of the measuring signal with unique processors, immediately after the pre-amplifier guarantees the greatest possible stability of test results.

The eddyvisor is based on the long proven ibg system concept. All coils, probes, rotating heads and other system components are standardized worldwide. So eddyvisor is the solution for new tasks and to upgrade existing production machines to equip them with state of the art eddy current technology.

In the field of crack and grinder burn detection, the need for trained experts to perform the sophisticated and time consuming tasks of manual determination and setting of suitable filter band, phase angle and gain is eliminated by ibg’s exclusively developed Preventive Multi-Filter Technology (PMFT), which automatically creates tolerance zones by simply scanning good parts. This quantum leap in eddy current technology, unique to ibg worldwide, establishes a new standard for quality in crack and grinder burn detection by the eddy current method.

During material data recording (calibration) with PMFT, surface areas of several good parts are scanned. The good surface eddy current “noise“ is recorded simultaneously in each of 30 band pass filters. Tolerance zones, enveloping 360 degrees, are automatically created within each filter band, capturing the allowable eddy current “noise“ from good parts. Good part noise signals result from allowable variations in surface roughness and material properties. Thus, the thirty tolerance zones store the part specific fingerprint of the good parts. Edge effects, hardness profile run out, eccentricity, etc. of the good parts are calibrated during material data recording. Thus, pseudo rejects are reduced considerably without losing visibility to real flaws.

The unique “good-part-only-concept“ enables setup within a few minutes. Simply scan and record an adequate number of good parts. Tolerance zones within each of the 30 PMFT filter bands are automatically generated capturing the allowable noise from the good parts to form good part finger prints in each of the 30 PMFT filter bands. After material data recording, one key press switches to Preventive Multi-Filter Test, and the test can start. Done! Faster starting yet more reliable eddy current testing is not possible.

Technical data

IO-portsAn optically insulated interface with 32 in- and 32 outputs is available for PLC connection. As option, a further module with additional 32 in- and 32 outputs can be installed. An allocation of the signals to the IOs is free in the eddyvisor.
XGAThe screen may be displayed on another screen in XGA-resolution by means of the HDMI and display port connector. Essential for trainings.
PrinterA usual printer can be connected via USB 2.0 or Ethernet to print screens or protocols.
USB 2.0Two USB 2.0 ports at the front, one underneath for data storage.

Two models of eddyvisor are available: Desktop version eddyvisor D (with retractable feet, inclined) or as separated switch panel version with operating unit eddyvisor HMI and measuring unit eddyvisor M.
Completely sealed and thus suitable for rough production environmentr.
Technical data: mains 100 – 240 V, 50/60Hz; ambient temperature 0-45°C

Rear side eddyvisor, equipped with (from left) crack detection module 4-channel, structure test module 8-channel, IO-module, mains.

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