EHR® AluCheck

  Datasheet EHR® AluCheck


The EHR® AluCheck System has been developed for the control of weld seams of aluminum and steel.

By the usage of different sensors respectively combinations of these sensors it is possible to detect and classify all regular optical wed seam defects.


  • Automatic visual inspection
  • Maintenance-free
  • Secure quality control
  • Approaches of both types of system in one sensor:
    - Inspection of the surface
    - Inspection of the geometry
  • Absolute measuring process
  • Integrated Fieldbus interface

System Variants

  • 1x3D Sensor, stationary or robot-guided
  • 1x2D/3D Sensor (Incident or transmitted light, type K), stationary or robot-guided
  • 1x3D Sensor & 1x2D/3D Sensor (Incident or transmitted light, type S), stationary or robot-guided
  • 2x3D Sensor, stationary or robot-guided

Technical Data

Technology:Laser triangulation
Application:Control and Inspection of Weld Seam for Steel and Aluminum
Sensor types:2D, 2D/3D, 3D, Incident or transmitted light
Sensor channels:2x Cameralink, 1x GigE
Visualization:Touch screen PC
Robot connection:Fieldbus
Sensor weight:250g or 500g, depending on sensor
Working areas:137.5 mm working distance, +/- 10 mm
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