General Sheet Metal Processing

Monitoring the sheet thickness during general sheet metal processing ensures that the processed materials are within the specified tolerance range. This applies equally well to tinplate and aluminum coil in slitting or cut-length-lines, scroll shears or when directly feeding cupping presses.


Cold rolling mills

The LTM-COMPACT Thickness Gauging System is a non-contact traversing system and has been designed for fast-moving steel / metal strips, especially in cold rolling mills. In the strip processing lines the system is used to check the thickness of the material before and after the process, in order to provide default values for the process control. Due to the high sampling frequency up to over 50 kHz, the LTM-COMPACT Strip Thickness Gauging System is also used at the flexible roll forming of „Tailored Rolled Blanks“, as well as for punching, roll profiling and tube manufacturing.

Metal processing

ROLAND ELECTRONIC offers thickness measuring devices for coil processing lines, slitting lines or cut-to length lines.

They are designed for continuous thickness monitoring or for identification of the correct material thickness loading.


Stretch levelling line

Tension or stretch levelling consists of subjecting the strip of sheet metal to a traction force sufficient to exceed the yield stress of the material, combining this lengthening with simultaneous deformation of the strip caused by intermeshing of the levelling rolls.

Simultaneous stretching and bending during the straightening process serves to regulate material parameters like yield strength and elongation and reduce inner tensions. As a result, deformities are minimised and the strips drawing properties and geometrical precision is optimized.

The thickness monitoring and control at the entrance of the coil beginning is perfomed by the double sided non contacting Control System I20.

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