• Single probe sensor, inductive
  • Single probe measurement at a single sheet metal thickness of:
    - Tinplate 0.15 ... 0.25mm (0.4mm, depending on alloy) 
    - Aluminum 0.05 ... 0.40mm
    - Non-magnetic stainless steel 0.50 ... 3mm 
  • Easy set-up by key operation or via control input
  • LCD display for visualization of - nominal / current values - operational / error messages - key allocation
  • Compact enclosure, aluminum, protection class IP54


Meas. range:

Steel magn. [FE]0.15 ... 0.25 mm (0.4 mm, depending on alloy)
Aluminum [NF]0.05 ... 0.40 mm
Stainl. steel aust aust.[NF]0.5 ... 3 mm

Air gape:Maximum 2 mm
Particularity:Up to 2mm distance to sheet possible
Meas. time:30 ms

Technical Data

Applications:Cost-effective Double Sheet Detection with single probe sensor
Material + Thickness:
Measurement of

     - Tinplate 0.15 - 0.25mm (0.4mm, depending
        on alloy)
     - Aluminium 0.05 - 0.40mm
     - Non-magnetic Stainless Steel 0.5 - 3mm
Meas. method:Single probe Double Sheet Detector
Functional principle:Single probe Sensor, inductiv
Programs:1 measurement program, memory storage
Switching threshold:85% and 115% of nominal value
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