Datasheet I20


  • Non contact dual sensor Double Sheet Detector of steel and non-ferrous materials
  • 3 interchangeable pairs of sensors for Double Sheet Detection:
    steel .005 - 8.00 mm (.0001 - .315 in.) and non-ferrous materials .01 up to 16.00 mm (.0004 - .629 in.) according to material type


  • Adjustment by Teach-In procedure
  • Digital indication of sheet thickness and operational parameters
  • Memory for 255 different parameter sets (sheet thicknesses)
  • Monitoring of over gauge and under gauge limits
  • Monitoring of supply voltage and sensor gap
  • Data backup via USB interface (also via Fieldbus)
  • Inputs of Fieldbus version:
    Addressing via Fieldbus
    Measurement start also via potential free 3-bit PLC input interface
  • Inputs of I/O version: Addressing via potential free 10-bit PLC input interface
  • Potential free outputs for under gauge, nominal gauge, over gauge, warning and enable Opto coupler
  • Optional Fieldbus interfaces: Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Interbus, CANopen, ProfiNet

Device variations

  • I20-2-O-S: 2-channel system with Optocoupler-IO interface
  • I20-4-O-S: 4-channel system with Optocoupler-IO interface
  • I20-2-xx-S: 2-channel system with Optocoupler-IO and Fieldbus interface
  • I20-4-xx-S: 4-channel system with Optocoupler-IO and Fieldbus interface


Technology:Inductive transmission principle
Meas. area:

Steel magn. [FE]0.05 ... 4 mm0.15 ... 8 mm
Aluminum [NF]0.05 ... 5 (16) mm0.1 ... 10 (16) mm
Stainl. steel aust.[NF]0.2 ... 5 (16) mm0.5 ... 10 (16) mm
Air gap:40 mm80 mm
Particularity:Wall mount enclosure or front panel mountingWall mount enclosure or front panel mounting
Meas. time:starting from 2 msstarting from 2 ms

Technical Data

Applications:Double Sheet Detection for heat presses, Magnetic belt conveyor, belt conveyors
Material + Thickness:see sensors
Meas. method:Dual sensor non-contact
Function principle:Inductive transmission principle
Programs:255 measurement programs possible
Paricularities:Double blank detection, suitable for bowed and vibrating sheets.

Large sensor gap up to 80 mm (3.15 in.).
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