Metal Packaging Industry

The most important applications for weld seam detection in the metal packaging industry are of the detection of weld seams in coils and the positioning of 55 gallon drums for lithography of the drum body.


Can lid stamping press

When feeding welded tinplate coil into a lid press  the weld seam sensor NS9SC finds the weld seam in the coil infeed before it enters the die.

The more costly alternative is a person watching the flagged coil.

Silk screening machine for drums

After 55 gallon drums are painted it is not possible to detect the weld seam by optical means. However, in lithographic  installations it is necessary to orientate the sharp-edged weld away from the screen containing the paint.

Otherwise the weld seam may cut the screen resulting in messy cleanup problems.

The Weld Seam Detector SND8 and the sensor NS11 find the weld seam for rotating the drum into a safe position.


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