Spring loaded sensor bracket, for narrow sheets and applications where weight is critical.

Application Characteristics

For vertical destackers:+
For robot loaders and high speed linear destackers:--
For inclined sheet stacks:-
For Tailor Welded Blanks (TWB)-
(Legend: "- -" = absolutely not suited / "-" = not suited / "o" = applicable / "+" = well suited / "++" = best suited) 

Technical Data

Suitable sensors:
(*P75VGS, P75GS)

Spring travel:approx.26mm
Total height: (unloaded):98mm plus sensor excess length
Mounting:Hole 20.5mm for SHK clamping device
Weight:approx 0.75kg (1.65lbs) / 0.70kg (1,54lbs) (SH75GS)
Pressure force at 1/2 spring travel:48N
Sensor mounting:Ø 43mm / Ø 76mm (SH75GS)
Vacuum feed:none
Suction delay time:none
Sensor brackets are not suited for lifting. (except sheet is smaller than area of 3 suction cups)


SHK        Clamping device for mounting of sensor brackets to destacking tools with crossing over clamp 25 mm.

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