Spring loaded sensor bracket with flat suction cup, strong hold on even sheets due to suction cup. This new version SHS42GS-85 has a suction cup diameter of 85 mm. New design: The weight has been reduced to 0.95 kg!

Application Characteristics

For vertical destacker:+
For robot loader and high speed linear destackers:-
For inclined sheet stacks:0
For Tailor Welded Blanks + TWB-
(Legend: "- -" = absolutely not suited / "-" = not suited / "o" = applicable / "+" = well suited / "++" = best suited)

Technical Data

Suitable sensors:P42GS, P42AGS, PW42GS, PW42AGS
Diameter of suction cup:85mm
Spring travel:approx. 26mm
Total height (unloaded):129mm (was 141mm)
Mounting:Hole 20.5mm for SHK clamping device
Weight:approx 0.95kg
Pressure force at 1/2 spring travel:approx. 48N
Sensor mounting:Thread M42 x 1.5
Vacuum feedHose 8mm OD
Suction delay time:*approx. 0.1s
 * is heavily dependent on vacuum strength, piping resistance, contact angle and contact pressure to the sheet. Sensor brackets are not suited for lifting. (except sheet is smaller than area of 3 suction cups)


SHK          Clamping device for mounting of sensor brackets to destacking tools with crossing over clamp 25 mm.

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