In the past, there was the need for a special mechanical swivel mechanism in order to use the SIS system in steel cord cutting lines for breaker belts. With the innovative angle control unit SIS-ACU, the task of integration has now been drastically reduced.

The new angle control unit SIS-ACU provides an automatic adjustable sensor bracket in a very compact and modular format. Now the angle of each sensor is positioned parallel to the angle of the breaker wires.

Another fundamental advantage is that the SIS-ACUs are controlled directly from the SIS G3-PC. Therefore, a separate PLC device for the angle adjustment will not be necessary in the future.
The operator can use the SIS G3 system as before, additional configuration during production is not needed. 


  • Full automatic adjustable sensor bracket
  • Turn-key solution
  • Intuitive mounting for integrators, no special machinery required
  • Open for modifications due to changes in cord belt specification
  • Wide range adjustable of +/- 75°
  • Configuration and setup by SIS G3-PC - no PLC necessary 



Technical Data

Applications:Steel cord production
Material:Steel cord belt
Operating voltage:24 VDC typ. 50 mA (SIS-ACU-CONTROLLER)
24 VDC typ. 100 mA (SIS-ACU-DEVICE)
Power consumption:1.2 W (SIS-ACU-CONTROLLER)
Function principle:Simplified integration of Steel Cord Inspection System in breaker lines. Full automatic adjustable sensor bracket.
Weight:approx. 600 g (1.322 lbs) (SIS-ACU-CONTROLLER)
approx. 1.5 kg (3.306 lbs) (SIS-ACU-DEVICE)
Dimensions:125 x 85 x 65 mm (4.921 x 3.346 x 2.559 Inch) (SIS-ACU-CONTROLLER)
194 x 140 x 81 mm (7.637 x 5.511 x 3.189 Inch) (SIS-ACU-DEVICE)


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