Here as well, SND40 offers the highest possible flexibility in the detection of joints.

The great benefit is in the combination of magnetic flux leakage and eddy current.

For every type and dimension of material type we offer weld seam sensors and eddy current encircling coils to ensure a reliable manufacturing process of long products, such as wires and cables.

  Datasheet SND40


The SND40 system is the first PC based system of its kind. It combines the strengths of analog sensor principles with digital signal analysis for the purpose of weld seam detection. For many years tried and proven magnetic flux leakage sensors and new types of eddy current probes make the SND40 a highly flexible weld seam detection system.


  • Control unit via touchscreen adjustable
  • Large display of sensor signals and analysis
  • Optional use of mouse/keyboard
  • Printer connection available
  • Storage of 31 measurement programs

 Technical Data

TechnologyFlux Leakage and Eddy Current
Material:All metals [FE and NF]
Material thickness:Depending on the material
Material width:Min. 100 mm
Velocity:0.01 ... 10 m/s
Type od Weld Seam:All Weld Seams
Particularities:PC platform under Windows CE.NET®

Teach-In calibration
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