Sorting gates

Universal, fast and cost-saving 100% structure test of small and medium batches

Manufacturers and refiners of components who have to handle small and medium batches know the problems:
automation is not thinkable due to high investment for such quantities, and manual handling is too cost-intensive due to labour costs. A compromise must be found. If it has to be a 100% material test the ibg sorting devices UNISort 10HD, 25HD, 40HD and 63D could be your solution. Together with one of the ibg test instruments eddyvisorS, eddylinerS or eddyguardS and the appropriate coils, this semi-automatic test “out of the box” which can realise cycle times of approx. 1 part/sec. with one employee. The test parts (diameter 1-60mm) are put manually in the coil, testing is done automatically as well as sorting to OK chute or NG chute is also automatic.

The equipment is ready to work within minutes and can be switched to other part types very quickly. Best suitable for testing smaller and medium batches and it is often used for “first responder jobs” as it is easily transported. Adding a suitable feeding and escapement enables it to be used in automatic mode when demand increases. The UNISort is controlled by the ibg eddy current test instruments, a separate control is not needed. The power for the UNISort 10 / 25 / 40HD is taken from the power supply of the test instrument. The UNISort63HD has an own power supply. The UNISort serves as fixture for the test coil and is a sorting gate at the same time. The sorting flap is monitored by a proximity switch. Together with the coil monitoring of the ibg eddy current structure test instrument malfunctions of the test equipment are recognised.

Sorting devices are designed for the rough application in an industrial environment. Resistant ceramic components are used among others in order to fulfil the sophisticated conditions in foundries and heat treatment shops ensuring a long lifetime of our products. Should it happen that something is worn after years you may rely on a quick repair and availability of spare parts. The standard scope of supply offers ibg UNISort devices in four different sizes (up to 10mm, 25mm, 40mm and 63mm part diameter) which are available for quick delivery. Customised devices are available for special geometries or larger test parts.

UNISort :

  • large testable parts range
  • applicable immediately and universally
  • works with all ibg structure test instruments
  • long lifetime due to high-quality components and easy exchange of wear parts
  • non-stop operation
  • capable of being integrated in automatic test systems
  • reliability due to sorting gate monitoring
UNISort 10 HD
UNISort 25 HD
UNISort 40 HD
UNISort 63 HD

UNISort 10 HDUNISort 25 HDUNISort 40 HDUNISort 63 HD
Weight of the Unisort3 kg4 kg8 kg13 kg
Tension24 VDC 
Ambient temperature– 10 to + 60°C
Protection classIP 55
Max. part temperature50°C

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