Tire Industry

Repair station with Field Concentrator

By applying the FKR-rollers, the magnetic field of the SIS sensor is amplified and respectively concentrated. Thereby the sensor signal is amplified whereas the noise signal is only marginally influenced. This leads to a considerable improvement of the signal to noise ratio (SNR).

The rolling device is positioned by an electric motor over the cord belt material with a distance to the material which is equivalent to the thickness of the cord belt material. During operation the rollers are stationary.

If a step slice or an undulated splice touches the rollers, each roller is rotatable and individually spring-mounted so that no clamping of the material will occur.

Cutting and splicing equipment

Sensing station with eight sensors in parallel to detect spacing faults in the web passing the cutting and splicing operation.

The stainless steel cassette with the sensors is placed underneath the moving belt carrying the steel cord web.


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