Tube manufacturing

In continuous production processes it is necessary to detect defects and quality issues immediately when they occur in the production process in order to initiate corrective actions as early as possible.

ROLAND ELECTRONIC has developed testing systems for these tasks based on the eddy current principle as well as magnetic inductive sensors. The eddy current testing systems are used to detect defects in metallic semi-finished products such as tubes, wires, rods, cables and coils.


Testing of extruded aluminum tubes

This application describes the recognition of faults in extruded aluminum tubes. These tubes are used for the production of refrigerator condensers.

The tubing manufacturer must ensure that the tubes are not perforated. The quality of the tube is controlled in this application with the modular encircling coil system EC15. For the analysis of the measurements, the Universal Fault Detection System UFD40 is the ideal solution.

The UFD40 signalizes the material defect via an I/O or a fieldbus interface. So the faults can be marked or cut out to ensure the production of quality products.

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