Weld Seam Detection At tubes and cables

| UFD40 |

  Datasheet UFD40 


The UFD40 is best suited for the detection of defects, butt welds and mechanical connections in wires, tubes and cables. It was developed for nondestructive testing in continuous production processes.


  • Modular design
  • Independent functions of the measurement channels
  • High measurement rates for precise detection
  • Independent real-time communication of the measurement channels with the machine PLC
  • Industrial interfaces for automation
  • Host PC for visualization and operation of the measurement channels


  • Encircling coils with fixed diameter: 5 / 13 / 20 / 40 / 60 mm diameter
  • Encircling coils with exchange coil: 1-15 mm in steps of 1 mm / 16-90 mm in steps of 2 mm / Option: pre-magnetization
  • Segment coils: In preparation
  • Probes: track width 1.6 ... 16 mm

Technical Data

Technology:Eddy Current
Material:All metals
Wall thickness:Up to solid material
Diameter:1 ... 90 mm
Velocity:0.01 ... 10 m/s
Meas. channels:1 diff. or 2 diff.
Type of Weld Seam:All
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