Datasheet UDK20


Single probe double sheet control up to 4 mm single sheet thickness (up to 0.160in.) of ferrous and non-ferrous materials (automotive aluminium alloy), stainless steel austenite up to 2 mm.


  • Electro magnetic and eddy current principles integrated in one sensor
  • Digital display of sheet thickness and operations parameter
  • Programmable for 255 different sheet thicknesses
  • Monitoring over gauge and under gauge limits
  • Monitoring of operating voltages and measurement times
  • PLC interface Optional fieldbus interfaces: Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Interbus, CANopen, ProfiNet
  • Selectable interfaces:
    - Data communication and data back up via optional opto coupled
    - Relay or opto coupled output for under gauge, nominal gauge, over gauge and enable
  • Optional wall mount enclosure (IP65) or font panel mounting

Device variations

  • UDK20-2PW-B-R-S: Control from the PLC, Relais version
  • UDK20-2PW-B-O-S: Control from the PLC, Opto coupler version
  • UDK20-2PW-C-O-S: Data backup, Control from the PLC, Opto coupler version
  • UDK20-2PW-PR-S*: Data backup, Control from the Profibus

* among Profibus all common fieldbus systems are available.


Meas. range:
Steel magn. [FE]0,2 ... 4 mm
Aluminum [NF]0,2 ... 4 mm
Stainl. steel aust.[NF]0,2 ... 2 mm
Air gap:0 mm
Particularity:Electromagnet and eddy current principles integrated in one sensor
Meas. time:80 ms

Technical data

Applications:Single probe double sheet detection in vacuum destacker, robot loader. Suitable for steel and aluminum.
Material + Thickness:
FE-Material: up to 4 mm

NF-material: up to 4 mm (up to .16 in) depending on the type of material (austenite up to 2 mm)
Meas. method:Einseitige Doppelblechkontrolle
Function principle:Electromagnetic Eddy current
Programs:255 Measuring programs possible
Particularities:Electromagnet and eddy current principles integrated in one sensor

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