The highest lateral resolution.

High lateral resolution combined with high vertical precision for complex measurements on all types of material.



White-light interferometry is among the proven optical measurement techniques for recording 3-D topographies with depth resolution in the lower nanometre range. The measurement points are acquired and processed in parallel, the height information can be gathered over a large area in a very short time.

Typical applications in research and in quality management are the characterisation of surfaces with different roughness values (wafer structures, mirrors, glass, metals), the determination of step heights and the precise measurement of curved surfaces, such as microlenses.

The product family WLI offers innovative solutions utilising this measurement principle. The control and analysis of the entire measurement process is done using the proven Trimos Nanoware software.

The efficient, robust and highly accurate analysis algorithms are the result of extensive research and experience in this area

WLI 2.5x
WLI 5x
WLI 10x
WLI 20x
WLI 50x
WLI 100x
Resolution0.1 nm0.1 nm0.1 nm0.1 nm0.1 nm0.1 nm
Lateral resolution (X/Y)4.81 µm4.81 µm1.2 µm0.9 µm0.66 µm0.52 µm
Measuring range400 µm400 µm400 µm400 µm400 µm400 µm
Measuring range X/Y~4536 µm x ~3447 µm~2268 µm x ~1723 µm~1134 µm  x ~861 µm~567 µm   x ~430 µm~226 µm x ~172 µm~113 µm  x ~86 µm
Optical Zoom2.5x5x10x20x50x100x
Working distance~10.3 mm
~9.3 mm
~7.4 mm
~4.7 mm
~3.4 mm~3.4 mm
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