Weld Seam Detection at Tubes
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The Weld Seam Detection in tubes is a difficult subject because of the many variables involved:

  • the welding method
  • the type of material used: regular mild steel, highly alloyed steel, magnetic or nonmagnetic stainless steel and, of course, all types of high-strength steels being used primarily in the automotive industry
  • the wall thickness of the tube, e.g. magnetic flux leakage methods are limited by the depths of their wall thickness penetration
  • the type of treatment that the welded tube received, e.g. annealing or coating
That is the reason why ROLAND ELECTRONIC has developed the proven system SND40 for maximum flexibility in Weld Seam Detection.


SND40 offers a maximum of flexibility in Weld Seam Detection. The great benefit lies in the combination of magnetic flux leakage and eddy current technology; the customer can process all sort of metals and can expect even at cold drawn or heat treated materials a remarkable reliability.
The system is able to process tube diameters from 5 to 1000 mm (0.19 to 39.37 in) at a wall thickness up to 12.5 mm (0.49 in).
New wizards for the Weld Seam Detection System SND40.
The new wizards minimize the effort while setting up the system

The SND40 system is the first PC based system of its kind. It combines the strengths of analog sensor principles with digital signal analysis for the purpose of weld seam detection. For many years tried and proven magnetic leakage flux sensors and new types of eddy current probes make the SND40 a highly flexible weld seam detection system.


  • Control unit adjustable via touchscreen

  • Large display of sensor signals and analysis

  • Optional use of mouse/keyboard

  • Printer connection available

  • Storage of 31 measurement programs

Technical Data

Flux Leakage and Eddy Current
All Metals [FE und NF]
Wall thickness:0.1 ... 12.5 mm
Diameter:5 ... 1000 mm
Rotation speed:1 ... 300 RPM or 0.01 ... m/s
Type of Weld Seam:All Weld Seams
Saving of unlimited number of measuring programs,
31 selectable via PLC
Special features:PC Plattform Windows CE.NET®
 Teach-In calibration
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